We provide adult (working age) mental health services in Bury, Oldham, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale, Stockport and Tameside and Glossop.

These can support you with conditions such as depression, anxiety or dementia, as well as mental health illnesses such as personality disorder, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and more.

Many of our services are based in community buildings and clinics, but we also have a number of mental health wards and units located on hospital sites.

You can see an overview of these services below, or click on your borough above for a full list of services.

We provide a range of treatment and support for adults (over 16) struggling to cope with common mental health problems such as low mood, stress, anxiety or depression.

This could include online self-help courses, 1-2-1 therapy sessions or group workshops, such as mindfulness courses.

Read more about NHS Talking Therapies, or click the boroughs below to see what’s available locally:

In Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale the service is provided by Thinking Ahead: www.thinkingaheadrochdale.com

We have nine bespoke units including low secure care for men, a range of step down services for both men and women, and a psychiatric intensive care unit for men..

These help you to reach your full potential, optimum level of independence and enhance your life skills. The ultimate aim is for you to safely integrate back into your local community.

The majority of our units accept referrals for people across our patch, and further afield, where appropriate.

Read more about rehab and high support services, or find information about each unit.

Our access teams are the single points of access for all referrals into mental health services. These receive, triage and direct all referrals to the relevant service.

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Our community mental health teams support people aged 16 to 65 with severe and enduring mental health problems.

We have lots of different health professionals who will help you with your recovery and with many aspects of your life, to help you maximise your potential.

We’re based in the following locations:

We provide a number of liaison mental health services at hospitals located within our patch.

These can help if you attend accident and emergency (A&E) and need mental health support.

Our teams are based at the following hospitals (click on the links to find out more):

Our Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale police liaison service also supports those who have increasing contact with Greater Manchester Police and local crisis services.

We support people aged 14 to 65 who describe having episodes of psychosis or similar experiences.

We will work with you by looking at the experiences you’re having, how it affects you and what can help you recover. This can include information on your health, wellbeing, education, employment, housing, money and other treatments.

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We offer advice, assessments and provide some short term interventions if you have mental health problems and have committed an offence, or show signs of offending behaviour.

We work with mental health services, social care, the police, the courts, prisons, probation services and others to try to obtain the best and fairest pathway for the offender, while ensuring that public protection remains a priority.

The service is available in all of our boroughs - visit the criminal justice mental health service page to find out more