Get involved with Pennine Care

One of our 4 big ambitions is that people with lived experience help shape every decision. We want our services to be the best they can be for everyone who uses them and the feedback, views and experiences of our services users and patients, along with their families and carers, can help us develop, deliver and improve them.

We are looking for people from all our communities to get involved in shaping what we do and there are various opportunities to do so, such as: 

  • Membership at meetings and project groups; 
  • Involvement in the recruitment and training of our staff;
  • Reviewing the quality of our services;
  • Volunteering in our clinical and support services.

We offer training and support as well as any agreed out of pocket expenses.

Click here for our volunteering opportunities

​​​​​​Please use the drop downs below for our current involvement opportunities 

Quality and Safety Panel Lived Experience member

Join our Healthy Minds patient council

Healthy Minds (Thinking Ahead in Rochdale) are our talking therapy services and we want to make them the best possible.

You might hear them called 'improving access to psychological therapy' (IAPT) services, and their aim is to help people with anxiety and depression reclaim their lives and recover from their emotional difficulties.

We're looking for people (and those close to them) from all backgrounds, identities and groups, who have used the service, to join our new patient council.

This will help us:

  • Learn from your experiences of using the service
  • Listen to your views and opinions on future plans
  • Get your own thoughts and ideas on how to develop services

The consultant clinical lead for these services will also join the council, so she can hear directly from you and help take forward your views and suggestions.

Meetings will be held monthly and you can attend online or in person.

We offer payment for your time and experience, as well as any agreed expenses. We can also offer support and training to assist in the role.

For more information please contact Ashleigh or Lynette on 0161 716 3178 or

Join our Triangle of Care groups in Stockport and Tameside

We are committed to engaging with and supporting carers as part of our collaborative Triangle of Care approach.

We hold regular meetings attended by carers and staff to support the implementation and review of progress on the Traingle of Care principles.

There are places open for carers to join the groups in Stockport and Tameside. Please contact the involvement team on 0161 716 3178 or for more information.

To learn more about the national Triangle of Care, please use this link Triangle of Care



Hear what one of our carers says about getting involved

Sally Blackwell, a carer from Stockport has been involved with Pennine Care for 10 years. In the video below, Sally explains how and why she got involved: