Get involved with Pennine Care

We are looking for service users and carers with recent experience of our services, who are interested in becoming involved with the Trust. This includes:

  • Looking at how services are provided
  • Discussing how services are developed
  • Reviewing and planning how services are provided
  • Considering how new and existing services are developed
  • Ensuring our services meet the needs of service users and carers

Involvement opportunities include participation in:

  • Service surveys and questionnaires
  • Staff training and development
  • Recruitment panels
  • Working groups
  • Trust meetings
  • Service activities

We will reimburse agreed, reasonable out of pocket expenses and offer full support and assistance.

To find out more about involvement with Pennine Care, please contact the team on 0161 716 3178 or by email at

Sally Blackwell, a carer from Stockport has been involved with Pennine Care for 10 years. In the video below, Sally explains how and why she got involved: