Our estates and facilities colleagues play a vital role in keeping services running and safe for patients.

They do everything from looking after buildings and grounds, to cooking and preparing tasty meals, to making sure medicines and goods are where they need to be.

Visit our current jobs page to see the latest vacancies, or read about some of our colleagues below. 

"I started working for Pennine Care in 1993 as a domestic assistant. I got my permanent contract after my 3 months’ probation period, and I am still here 30 years later!

I worked as a domestic in the offices, then moved over to clean all hall stairs landing. I absolutely loved buffing the corridors and seeing them shine like glass, gave such job satisfaction! Even if they didn't stay like that for long.

I left school with no qualifications, and never thought I would be anything other than a domestic. My line manager saw potential in me and prompted me to apply to be a team leader, which I successfully achieved.

After becoming team leader I began working in the community clinics, and enjoyed going to all of the different sites and getting to meet and know new people.

I then applied for a supervisors position which I have now been doing for far too many years to remember!

I love my job, we have a great team of managers and that really helps. They are keen to encourage me to learn new things, every day.

I would urge people to apply for jobs in the NHS as there are so many opportunities to progress and learn within a variety of different roles. I have seen fellow domestics go onto clinical pathways and become qualified nurses!

There are endless reasons why you should choose to work for the NHS.

They have a great pension, a generous amount of annual leave, discount schemes, and endless opportunities to progress. I wouldn't have stayed here for 30 years if it wasn't a great place to work! Once you work here you don't want to leave!"