Welcome to Pennine Care!

We're looking forward to you joining our team and have created this page with information to help you get settled with us.

Click the tabs below for the things you'll need before you join, on your first day, and in your first few weeks with us. But first, please watch this short introduction from Anthony Hassall, our chief exec:

Before you start

You will be sent the following documents by our resourcing team, along with your contract. Please make sure you complete and return these as soon as possible to the address at the bottom of each form. There are copies of the forms below. If you have any questions, contact your resourcing assistant.

You’ll attend our virtual trust welcome where you will be introduced to colleagues from across Pennine Care and find out what’s important to us.

Your manager and team will also guide you through a local induction and make sure you are fully supported.

You'll receive your invite to the virtual trust welcome a couple of days before you start. If you have any queries about your Zoom joining link, please email us at pcn-tr.elearningsupport@nhs.net

A few tips about the virtual welcome:

  • Try to arrive in the Zoom waiting room a few minutes before 9:45am
  • Make sure you're in a comfy place with no distractions
  • Please have your video on so we can see you
  • If you're joining from home, you may want to blur your background - on the toolbar click on the arrow next to start/stop video, then choose 'blur my background'
  • We'll use the chat box to connect with your new colleagues
  • We'll cover how we support your safety and wellbeing
  • Halfway through we'll have a 10 minute comfort break
  • You'll find out more about who we are and what we do
  • We'll take a screen shot photo to confirm your attendance
  • You'll meet guest speakers from different teams

We’re proud to provide mental health, learning disability and autism services to a population of 1.3 million across Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Tameside and Glossop. Visit our about us page to find out more.

Our four values are kindness, fairness, ingenuity and determination.

These support our vision, shape our culture and contribute to our overall success. They determine our behaviour and are a golden thread from recruitment, to appraisals and to our decision making.

Read more about our values.

If you are joining us from another NHS trust then certain details will be transferred to Pennine Care via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR), through something called an inter authority transfer (IAT).

This will be requested for you at the point of accepting an offer and will then be manually updated in our systems.

Training records can be transferred as part of this process, so you don't have to repeat learning or training if you've already done it.

Please note, these training records will only transfer if your previous trust uses ESR to record training.

If your previous trust doesn’t use ESR:

Ask your previous trust to send training compliance details (including, subjects and completion dates) to our internal workforce support team: pcn-tr.elearningsupport@nhs.net

We recommend requesting this as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

On your first day

Your manager should apply for a computer login and NHS email address for you.

Step 1:

Confirm with your line manager that they have completed the forms to request your Pennine Care email address and computer logon.

If you already have an NHS mail account and are no longer working for that employer, please ask your previous employer’s ICT department to update you as a leaver; Pennine Care’s ICT will then pick the account up as a joiner and advise your line manager when they have done this.

Step 2:

Contact our ICT team on 0161 716 1234 to get your Pennine Care email address and password, and also your computer login details.

Step one:

Once you have you Pennine Care email account, use this to contact the workforce support team at pcn-tr.eLearningsupport@nhs.net to request your ESR username and password.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Start date
  • National Insurance number
  • Date of birth

Step two:

Once you have your ESR username and password, log into your ESR account and:

  • Check your personal details are correct
  • Add in your Pennine Care email address (your manager will also need to approve this email in ESR)

On ESR you can also:

  • View your absence calendar
  • Request to book annual leave
  • View your payslip
  • Managers can complete activities for their team (such as approving annual leave)

You can also visit the ESR self-service page on your intranet for more info.

Please email pcn-tr.id-badges@nhs.net using the template below and attach a photo of yourself, which we can use to create your ID badge.

The photograph must:

  • Include your head and shoulders
  • Be taken against a plain background

What to include in the email:

Please copy in your manager to this email. If you are Bank staff, please copy in temporarystaffing.penninecare@nhs.net

Once this email is received, the ID Badge team will request approval from your manager before processing your badge request.

Use the text below, with the fields completed:



Please see attached photograph and details below for my ID badge application.

I have copied in my manager (or temporary staffing) for approval.

Full name:

Job title:

Team name:

Work location:

Date attended/due to attend the trust welcome session:


The presentation at your virtual welcome has lots of useful information and contact details. Download a copy of the welcome slides.

For your first few weeks

Once you've started and have your email address set up, you'll be able to login to your intranet which has lots more info.

Once you have updated your ESR profile with your Pennine Care email address, your learning management system (LMS) account will be generated. This can take up to 72 hours.

You won’t be able to access the LMS until you have added your Pennine Care email address onto ESR and it has been approved by your manager.

Step 1:  Access the LMS to complete your core and essential training: penninecarelearning.org

Step 2:  Your LMS username is your Pennine Care email address (eg …...............@nhs.net). Your password is Welcome1!

Here you will be able to search, view and book all your training - including eLearning, face-to-face, or virtual classroom sessions.

Visit the LMS user guides page on your intranet for more detailed instructions.

If you require any assistance with your eLearning, compliance or training in general, please email the workforce supportteam at: pcn-tr.elearningsupport@nhs.net  

Please note:

You will need to be compliant with all your mandatory training within one month of starting work with Pennine Care.

Bank staff are required to complete all mandatory training before getting access to view and book shifts on the Employee Online (EOL) system. The EOL system is managed by our temporary staffing team.

Once you have your email address, you'll be able access to your intranet. We've set up a new starters area on the intranet with more links and resources you may find useful in your first few months.

In addition starting your new role you can also join our bank and pick up extra shifts or hours across our services.

There are shifts for nurses, assistants, therapists, admins, and more across most areas and service types, whether you're looking for development opportunities or simply to earn some extra money.

To join the bank, ask your line manager to complete the 'Add/amend bank post' ESR form or contact temporarystaffing.penninecare@nhs.net who will be happy to help.

You can also visit the bank staff hub on your intranet (once you've got your email address to login) for more info.