The use of medicines can have significant impacts on a person’s health, wellbeing and safety.

Medicines optimisation helps people improve their outcomes by taking their medicines correctly, choosing the medicines that are right for them, avoiding taking unnecessary medicines, reducing wastage of medicines and improving medicines safety.

You can read more about our pharmacy and medicines optimisation strategy:

Medicines management policies

We have a number of medicines-related policies to ensure that medicines are handled safely and securely, prescribed and administered safely and are cost effective. For a full list of policies please go to our policies page.

Policy ID Policy name
CL15 Medicines policy
CL16 Prescribing, supply and use of unlicensed medicines
CL17 Use of licensed medicines outside conditions of their product licence
CL37 Covert administration of medicines
CL40 Management of suspected illicit substances on Trust premises
CL44 Safe management of controlled drugs
CL52 The administration of specified discretionary medicines for a maximum of 3 doses to inpatients aged 12 years and over
CL55 Safe management of medical gases
CL98 Storage, handling, distribution and disposal of vaccines
CO30 Conduct of and liaison with pharmaceutical company employees

Choice and medication website

We have signed up to the national choice and medication website to provide patients and clinicians with access to detailed information about medication for mental health conditions. Click here to visit choice and medication.

Medicines formulary

We operate within the Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group's (GMMMG) formulary. For information, please use the links below: