Staff wellbeing

As people who look after others for a living, it’s important we look after ourselves too.

There are a number of ways we provide help if you work for us, please click on the menus below.

If you currently work for us, visit our staff intranet for more details.

Our Staff Wellbeing Service is available to all employees for help and support with psychological difficulties that are impacting on work.

Our occupational health service supports staff that have physical injuries, ongoing sickness, any other problems concerns that may be linked to their physical health.

We appreciate that you have busy lives and so we operate a flexible working policy. Working flexibly may be as simple as asking to start half an hour later than usual or may be a bigger change to working hours in order to achieve a better work-life balance.

We have a staff health and wellbeing group which runs activities throughout the year to help you look after and improve your health and lifestyle.

We also have a number of wellbeing champions to support this and to promote other helpful events and information.

There's a section on our intranet with more ideas, info on what's going on in your area, and details of how to become a wellbeing champion.

We offer a car lease scheme and a cycle to work scheme for staff.

Once you join, or if you work for us, visit our staff intranet for more info.

Training and development

We want a culture where everyone continues to improve and development, regardless of who you are, what your role is or where you work. To make this a reality, we have a comprehensive training and development offer that is open to all.​​​​​​:

You will have a 'yearly conversation' to help you develop and achieve your goals. This is a documented discussion with your manager to review your progress and set goals for the future, which also contributes towards the progression of pay through agenda for change.

We offer a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities for a variety of clinical, professional and administrative topics all year round.

Upon induction, you will be asked to complete all the required training for your level and role (core and essential skills training (CEST)), and then you'll need to keep this up to date before your renewal date.

Coaching is suitable for anyone who has identified specific work issues or learning goals and would like an opportunity to work with a coach who can facilitate learning in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Other benefits

There are lots of other benefits and reasons to work for us, including:

  • Job share opportunities
  • Career break opportunities
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Regular staff meetings with opportunities for feedback