We recognise the potential benefits of research to the future of healthcare.

We want every patient to have the opportunity to take part in research studies that are relevant to them, because we know that being involved in research helps provide better care to our patients.   

To achieve this, members of your care team and of the Trust's Research Department may access your data to identify whether research projects are appropriate to you and to contact you to see whether you may be interested.

We are involved in local and national research programmes which may involve the use of patient information.  

The Health Research Authority and government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, set standards for NHS organisations to make sure we protect your privacy and comply with the law when you are involved in research.

To find out how your information may be used for research please visit the HRA website.

If you would like to find out more about what research is happening within the trust, please contact the Innovation and Research Department on 0161 716 3086.