Preceptorship is a period of support and supervision provided by a colleague with experience. This helps to build confidence, skills, values, behaviours and resilience.

If you'd like to find out more, click the FAQs below or contact our preceptorship co-ordinators Christine or Laila:

Christine Saunders                         Laila Nisbet
07920419149                                  0161 716 3469


You must be a recently graduated student or apprentice, for example a newly qualified nurse, allied health professional, midwife, health care scientist, pharmacist, nursing associate, or a newly qualified non-registered assistant practitioner.

Alternatively, you may be returning to work after a five year break or entering a differing part of the professional register (e.g. health visiting). It is also available for a practitioner commencing a new role in a new field of practice.

Preceptorship lasts for a maximum of 12 months. In exceptional circumstances the preceptorship could end sooner, at the discretion of the manager, but no less than six months.

No. Every new starter, regardless of whether they are on a preceptorship program or not, will have an IPDR at three months with their manager.

The annual IPDR process will then start nine months after the new starter IPDR.

Perhaps. This would depend on the time period remaining and would need to discussed on an individual basis.

A preceptorship lasts a minimum of six months, though anything less than 12 months would be in exceptional circumstances. The time taken is decided on an individual basis with your preceptor and manager.

Preceptorship is mandatory for all practitioners who are eligible (see criteria above).