Our vision is for a happier and more hopeful life for everyone in our communities.

Our purpose is to maximise people's potential to live more rewarding lives and to create a great place to work.

Our values are kindness, fairness, ingenuity and determination.

Kindness icon for website.jpgWe believe that care and compassion underpin everything.

This means we:

  • Support and care for the people we work with and for
  • Champion great team work
  • Always respect others


Fairness icon for website.jpgWe treat everyone fairly.

This means we:

  • Empower and involve others in decisions
  • Are accountable and honest for our actions
  • Work towards a fairer society by being inclusive and challenging stigma


Ingenuity icon for website.jpgWe are resourceful and innovative.

This means we:

  • Are creative and solutions-focused
  • Are curious to continuously improve
  • Enthuse and support people to bring about positive change


Determination icon for website.jpgWe are courageous and ambitious for what we can achieve together.

This means we:

  • Aim high
  • Are tenacious and confident
  • Learn from mistakes