The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is a quick and simple way of collecting anonymous patient feedback to improve services.

As part of the test, you are encouraged to answer one simple question “how likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?” with answers ranging from ‘extremely likely’ to ‘extremely unlikely’. 

Responses can be submitted in a number of ways such as via a postcard, in the post, online and via kiosks. 

You can also click here to send your response.

The results are an will give us invaluable feedback, which helps to make improvements so patients have a positive experience.

Our results are reported to NHS England on a monthly basis and published on the NHS England website, NHS Choices and here on the Pennine Care website.

Our results

We have had outstanding results from the Friends and Family Test. Below you can see the percentage of patients who would recommend us to friends or family each month throughout 2019.

  • January - 95%
  • February - 96%
  • March - 95%
  • April - 94%
  • May - 94%
  • June - 94%
  • July - 96%
  • August - 96%
  • September - 96%
  • October - 94%
  • November - 92%
  • December - 92%

A full report of our FFT scores for previous months, including number of respondents and comments, is available to download as a document below:

Thumbnail Title Date Posted Size
PDF file icon 12 FFT results Dec 2019.pdf 08/01/2020 573.89 KB
PDF file icon 11 FFT results November 2019.pdf 17/12/2019 502.69 KB
PDF file icon 10 FFT results October 2019.pdf 12/11/2019 575.09 KB
PDF file icon 09 FFT results September 2019.pdf 10/10/2019 576.13 KB
PDF file icon 08 FFT results August 2019.pdf 05/09/2019 570.96 KB
PDF file icon 07 FFT Results July 19.pdf 02/08/2019 569.39 KB
PDF file icon 06 FFT Results June 19.pdf 02/08/2019 575.82 KB
PDF file icon 05 FFT results May 19.pdf 26/06/2019 575.48 KB
PDF file icon 04 FFT results April 19.pdf 26/06/2019 640.08 KB
PDF file icon 03 FFT results March 19.pdf 26/06/2019 506.29 KB
PDF file icon 02 FFT results February 19.pdf 26/06/2019 572.71 KB
PDF file icon 01 FFT results January 19.pdf 26/06/2019 571.06 KB
PDF file icon 00 Annual FFT report April 18 to March 19.pdf 26/06/2019 580.33 KB
More information

For more information about the Friends and Family Test, visit: