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Michael McCourt

Michael McCourt – Chief Executive

Michael McCourt is Chief Executive of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. Twitter: @MichaelMcCourt1 Website:

Have your say on our strategy and plans

It’s safe to say that this year has been one of the most challenging yet, both for staff working tirelessly on the frontline and from a strategic point of view. We are continually required to keep delivering safe, effective care, whilst at the same time reducing costs, improving services and ‘transforming’ how we do things. It’s a balancing act and whilst we don’t always get it right, we are managing to achieve this here at Pennine Care. Thanks to the hard work of all of our staff we don’t have … Read More »

Our direction of travel - What does the future look like?

Everyone in Pennine Care will be aware we have our CQC inspection approaching. I have decided not to do a blog on the actual inspection as there has been a lot of communication and engagement on this. What I would say is that overall the process so far has been positive as it’s helped confirm some things we are getting right but it has also provided a lot of learning. If it helps the Trust improve then it’s a good thing. I wanted to use this blog to talk about the Trust’s strategy for the years … Read More »

The value of coaching

I first discovered coaching in 2005, in my former role as Pennine Care's Director of Operations. I had heard of coaching but never experienced it. I immediately saw the value in coaching and wished I had found it earlier in my career. Such was my interest, I trained as a professional coach and mentor and, with colleagues, formed the Trust's coaching service in 2008 (I think).  I am pleased to say the service is still available today and I would encourage staff to use the opportunity to… Read More »