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Our strength lies in our differences not our similarities

I always enjoy getting out and about meeting teams and chatting about what you do and your experiences. It’s not just a great opportunity to see first-hand the superb work taking place, but I always find it a grounding reminder of what it’s all about and why we are here. Its uplifting to see the level of commitment to making a difference. I only wish I had the time to fit more visits into my diary as I do enjoy these so much. It's a big patch we cover, as you know, and I sometimes envy how … Read More »

Shaping our future

Since I joined our organisation last September, I have been forming a picture regarding our longer term direction of travel. One of the key issues coming from staff in the cultural audit and from our partners is that people aren’t clear on Pennine Care’s strategy and the role we want to play in the local care organisations (LCOs) evolving in each of the boroughs we serve.  In other words, what sort of organisation do we want to be? What contribution should we be making? And what does this m… Read More »

Culture does not make people, people make culture

I have talked a lot about cultural change in previous blogs and we held our first cultural change steering group a couple of weeks ago which was really positive.I am very grateful to everyone who has volunteered to be part of this journey and we had a great meeting with a mix of people from services who I feel will be key in championing this change, together with people in positions of influence such as organisational development who can help us change the way we work in support of our approach.… Read More »

Initiatives and Services

We will be publishing details of improvements made following our CQC inspection on this page. Please keep visiting for further updates.

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