We understand that there are times when what we most need is compassion, a listening ear and sensitive and confidential support from someone we can trust.

Our chaplaincy team delivers spiritual, religious and emotional support to patients and staff. We support people of any faith, including those who do not have one.

Our seven chaplains are Reverend Giselle Rusted (Christian), Rabbi Chanan Tomlin (Jewish), Imam Olasheni Junaid (Muslim and site lead for Oldham), Reverend Neil Hepworth (site lead for Bury), Reverend Annie McMullen (site lead for Rochdale), John Ling (Humanist) and Reverend Graham Lindley (site lead for Stockport).

We are an inclusive service, respectful of age, gender, race, culture, disability, belief or sexuality. We offer support specific to your situation, and sit alongside you whenever you need a friendly face to talk to.


We offer a number of compassionate pastoral care services. Here are some of the ways we can help:
  • We are available for confidential one to one chats at times of difficulty and uncertainty. Where we can support your spiritual care and well-being.
  • We provide opportunities for dedicated prayer and offer communion.
  • We safeguard and support the religious and spiritual lives of all our patients and staff.
  • Emotional support for those people with no religion who have anxiety and stress, who are confused and troubled and just need to talk
  • We provide religious resources for patients and staff on all of our sites. 

We provide listening and support for concerns and issues of staff, service users and their carers, meeting individuals where they are in their faith beliefs or no beliefs. Focusing on their emotional, pastoral needs delivering comfort and peace.  We will also signpost to other individuals in the trust who can assist.

The space we provide is private and confidential.

Our team hold regular sessions in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Tameside. We are a flexible service, and will do our best to accomodate people who aren't available during the times or locations below:


  • Reverend Neil Hepworth is based at The Irwell Unit, Ramsbottom Ward, Hope and Horizon in Bury on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Rabbi Chanan Tomlin, our Jewish chaplain, is based at the Irwell Unit or on Ramsbottom Ward in Bury each Tuesday. 


  • Imam Olasheni Junaid is based at Parklands House in Oldham, and is there each Monday and Wednesday.


  • Reverend Annie McMullen is based at Birch Hill Hospital and Stansfield Place in Rochdale each Tuesday and Thursday.


  • Reverend Graham Lindley is based in Stockport. He can be found at Heathfield House on Wednesday mornings, then at The Meadows on Wednesday afternoons and The Oasis Building each Friday.


  • Reverend Giselle Rusted, chaplaincy and spiritual care lead is based in the chaplaincy and spiritual care office in the Etherow Building at Tameside Hospital, Monday to Friday. 
  • Reverend Annie McMullen is based at Buckton Building, Tameside Hospital each Wednesday. 


Please get in touch with the team using the details below to ask for an alternative meeting date and time.
Contact us

You can contact the chaplaincy team by emailing pcn-tr.chaplaincy@nhs.net