Apprenticeships offer many fantastic benefits to everyone involved.

Becoming an apprentice allows you to earn a wage while studying towards a qualification and gaining valuable skills, confidence and experience. This can really help you to get a permanent job.

Our services and patients can also hugely benefit from apprentices, who can offer an extra pair of hands, fresh and innovative ideas, new skills and more.

Become an apprentice

Please contact us to find out more about becoming an apprentice and the opportunities we have within our services:


Phone: 0161 716 2629/3261 (ask to speak to Alison Walker-Smith or Heather Mallison)

Apprentice readiness programmes

Our popular trainee healthcare support worker and trainee nursing associate apprenticeships will soon be open again.

We have some free online courses to help you prepare and apply, with more info about the role and interview tips.

The dates are Monday 17 , Saturday 22 and Tuesday 25 April 2023. Book your place on our Eventbrite.

Take on an apprentice

We would like to speak to any of our service managers interested in taking on an apprentice, or interested in finding out how an apprenticeship programme can benefit your service. Please contact us on the details above.


Rachel Chesworth is a mental health support worker apprentice.

She said:“I have always had a big interest in working in mental health. I am very passionate about my job and the service we provide, so I feel very grateful.

"The apprenticeship has benefitted my professional development and allowed me to continue learning, both professionally and personally."

Click here to read more of Rachel's story.


We recently ran a hugely successful business administration apprenticeship scheme in Oldham.

Leonda Scrivens, administration and community child health manager, and Mahbub Ahmed, apprentice, have shared their thoughts on the scheme.

Leonda said: "Our staff and apprentices are learning new things from each other all the time. 

"Our apprentices have become a valuable asset and we really encourage other teams to look into offering apprenticeship opportunities."

Click here to read Leonda and Mahub's story.


Marie Ashton is also completing the business administration apprenticeship scheme.

She said: “In today’s competitive climate, you have to do whatever you can to better yourself. Because of this, an apprenticeship is ideal because it lets me improve skills and broaden knowledge."

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