Community Mental Health Service

The adult community mental health service provides a range of support options to service users aged 16-65 with severe and enduring mental health problems who have complex needs and present significant levels of risk to themselves or others including individuals with:
  • Severe and complex symptoms of depression
  • Severe and complex symptoms of anxiety
  • Severe and complex psychological difficulties including personality disorder
  • Severe and complex psycho-social needs
Psychotic symptoms

We are a multi-disciplinary service that consists of team managers, community mental health nurses, mental health social workers (some qualified as AMHPs), occupational therapists, community support workers, admin support, secondary care psychological therapies and Consultant Psychiatrists who work with the team.

The service is made up of five key functions:

  • Assessment
  • Active Care Coordination
  • Treatment
  • Reviewing Officer
  • Wellness and Recovery

Everyone who is allocated to the service has an identified care coordinator or key worker dependent upon their level of need. This practitioner will be responsible for supporting the individual to develop a care plan to meet their identified needs following a comprehensive assessment process.

They will also be responsible for regularly reviewing the care plan and supporting the individual to prepare for discharge from the service as and when appropriate.