Stockport Early Intervention Service

We are a specialist team who work with people aged 14 – 65, who describe having episodes of psychosis or similar experiences.

We will work with you to look at the experiences you're having and how it affects you.

Together we can look at how to help you recover from these experiences, by giving you good information you can decide what will help you.

This might include:

• Practical help

• Advice on money

• Assistance with housing

• Help with education and employment

• Assistance in getting, and staying, well

• Treatments, such as medication and counselling such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

• Help with alcohol and substance issues

• Advice on physical health and well being

• Help and advice for relatives and friends

Carer information webinars

Our early intervention teams have created a series of videos with more information for carers, family and friends.

These will help to increase your understanding of psychosis and how our services can support your loved one.