There are three governors from Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale representing you, with one vacancy. You can find out more about them below, or contact them on

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I am passionate about quality of care and well-being activities in the community. I bring a wide range of experience from the third sector to support the work of the Trust.

I work for Deeplish Community Centre as an operations manager. This is a community organisation serving the needs of local communities and improving the quality of life of residents. I have previously worked for civil service and serving as a JP (Justice of Peace) in Greater Manchester.

My current role involves me to develop policies, manage early years, and young people's programmes and activities at the Centre. I also engage with public and community groups to listen to their needs and work in partnership with other agencies and organisations to provide solutions to local demands and needs.

I have sound experience in projects and change initiatives, including my personal facilitation of our integrated community services, sure start centres, health and well-being initiatives, economic regeneration, community cohesion, crime and disorder partnerships, private and voluntary sector enterprises, multi - disciplinary schemes, facilities management, competitive tendering, community engagement and consultations.

I have broad competencies in preparing, monitoring and interpreting budgets; ensuring financial systems are accessible, up to date and identify threshold limits. My involvement in the recruitment, induction, and training of diverse personnel, has been on-going, enhanced by the challenges of training volunteers and establishing development.     

My involvement in promoting health initiatives in community can bring knowledge, experience and competency to support the work of trust and governing body.

Eileen Stapleton.jpgI retired from nursing after almost 40 years of service, working in both the NHS and the independent/voluntary sectors.

I have lived in the area all my life. I am a volunteer community champion with Big Life, Rochdale. I support adults with literacy difficulties on a one-to-one basis, which has been hugely rewarding and enlightening. Through the links I have made with voluntary organisations across the borough, I have gained insight into the problems faced by local communities; it has been inspiring to see these voluntary and statutory organisations working together.

I believe my qualities of being non-judgemental, non-discriminatory and having the ability to embrace difference equips me to gain the trust of those I represent. I understand the constraints on health services, social services and town councils; these constraints are having an enormous impact on the wellbeing of those affected by them. I am mindful of these facts in my role as public governor and welcome communication with residents of the borough and members of the Trust.

Kenneth Hall.jpgI’m 63 and live in Rochdale. I worked for the NHS in mental health services for nearly 20 years as a nurse assistant. I’ve also worked in areas of care services and also for the Rochdale Social Services as a support worker.

I hope I can contribute with my experience of working in the NHS, social services and as a volunteer in the community.

There are many challenges ahead and I want to see the NHS meet those challenges in some way, even more so with financial constraints placed on the services these days.

Sitting around and doing nothing is not an option anymore!

I’m also a member of the patient participation group at my local doctor’s surgery. I volunteer with a craft group who work with adults with complex needs and mental health and other medical issues.

I am extremely passionate about amplifying the voice of patients of the NHS services making it equitable with equality across the whole of the NHS by utilising my lived experience.

Using various services across different disciplines of primary and secondary care, I want to build resilience and advocate on behalf of communities. For over 9 years I have been a lived experience consultant with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. I am a member of the Greater Manchester Equality Alliance, on the board of Trustees for Action Together and Independent Mental Health Network.

I understand the impending changes within Integrated Care Services. I believe that a balanced understanding of commissioning priorities and transitional changes to bring care into the communities is imperative, in order to ensure sustainable co-production and sustainable changes.

I want to bring a non-clinical voice of reason and perspective for better decision making.