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As governor I have continuously striven to ensure that all aspects of mental ill health have been recognised, and included in, changes to and development of services in Stockport.

I am a social worker and was a care co-ordinator in Stockport community mental health teams for almost thirty years.  I worked across the spectrum of mental illness, from acute psychosis to complex personality disorders. 

I retired in 2007 but have continued to work part time for Pennine Care NHS FT until the present time. 

I understand the impact of mental disorders and treatments upon individuals and their carers and have ensured that their concerns are raised at Healthwatch meetings, and at review panel meetings of the CCG in Stockport, and at council of governor meetings at Pennine Care.

I will continue to represent Stockport members as a governor, to identify and raise awareness of services needed for people suffering from mental illness, across boundaries of both health and social care.

I have experience, knowledge and skills of how Pennine Care board works and the statutory duties of governors. I am able to communicate succinctly, challenge effectively, negotiate, diffuse stress, recognise risk and manage difficult situations.

I also use these skills as a Witness Support Volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureaux at Manchester Crown Court; where I look after vulnerable, anxious witnesses of all ages and across all social spectrums.  I will continue to use these skills on behalf of Pennine Care members, service users and carers in Stockport.

I recognise the importance of mental health.

I have worked as a teacher and in the latter part of my career I was a counsellor and organised the college, university and employment applications with the students.

After I retired, I became a volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau in Manchester and started a ‘Friends of Manchester’ group to raise funds for the service.

I have also been a Samaritan, for around fifteen years I was a local councillor and I have served as mayor and deputy mayor. I hope to listen to the concerns of my constituents and to help whenever and in whatever way I can. It is not always easy to discover the worries of patients and their families, but I shall certainly try.

I think I am a good listener and I do not lack patience. Also, I can put forward the concerns of patients and families who approach me. There are also the concerns of employees to consider, and again, I shall be happy to listen, express them and to help when and I can.

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