You can find out more about our current staff governors below, or contact them by emailing
We currently have one vacancy for the registered health and social care professionals group, and one vacancy for the registered nurses group. If you are interested in the role, please click here to express your interest.

Dr Jaco Nel - medical

Jaco Nel.jpgJaco is a staff grade psychiatrist, representing our medical staff group:

"I'm committed to the best outcomes for our patients, our colleagues, and better mental health for people across Greater Manchester.

I have worked for Pennine Care as a psychiatrist for 9 years. For most of that time I worked quietly with amazing colleagues in community mental health teams, to help older people and their families in Oldham stay safe and live well with mental illness.

In 2016 I had a life-changing illness. After a long period of hospital care, major surgery, and rehabilitation, I managed to return to work in 2018. My main focus remains my older-age patients, but my own health journey has widened my perspective on the role I can have. Becoming a governor feels like a great opportunity for me.

I’m passionate about working with colleagues across the trust to deliver the best care to our patients. This only happens with deep respect between and within teams. I would promote that approach in the culture of Pennine Care.

My experience over the last couple of years – as a newly disabled person – has given me the chance to develop my skills in public speaking to raise awareness for sepsis, disability, LGBT+, and diversity. I’ve been involved in setting up new staff groups in these areas and I’m very excited to see them develop. I would love to be able to act as a champion for equality, diversity and inclusion on the Council of Governors.

I'm looking forward to learn more about finance and governance."

John Stanley - registered nurses

John Stanley.jpgJohn is a mental health nurse, representing the registered nurses staff group:

"As a long standing mental health nurse I can interact with people at all levels and when I need to get my point across I can do this effectively without appearing aggressive.

I'm also a good listener and very good at organising my time. I can keep records that are accurate and legible. I have no problems disseminating information to others. Also, I'm very conscious of any confidential information and can use discretion as and when required.

I'm a social person, well liked by many. I spend my spare time cycling, going to the gym to de-stress, and I also ride a motorbike for work and pleasure at weekends. From time to time I make homebrew for personal consumption.

I'm very versatile and can turn my hand to anything. I can converse on many different subjects. I like to think I am approachable and easy going, but can be assertive as and when it is required."

Ellie Mackle - unregistered nurses, health and social care professionals

Ellie Mackle.jpgEllie Mackle is a nursing assistant, representing the unregistered nurses, health and social care professionals staff group:

"I'm a nursing assistant on a rehabilitation and high support unit. My role is to help support service users with skills and confidence to allow them to integrate back into the community, either independently or with some support.

My job role also includes being the carer's champion, which allows to me to build a great rapport with our service users and their carers/relatives.

As a staff governor I hope to gain a more in depth knowledge around the way Pennine Care works and how changes are agreed upon and put into place.

I'm also very confident that I will be able to bring forward my colleagues', service users' and carers' views on procedures and policies; to see what changes can be made to benefit the people who are on the receiving end of our care.

I hope that the position will enable me to help make a difference for our service and service users."

Richard Cliff - corporate and support

Richard Cliff.jpgRichard Cliff is our solicitor, representing the corporate and support staff group:

"I've been employed as Pennine Care's solicitor since January 2010, having previously worked in private practice in Manchester and Nottingham. 

My role is to advise on a wide range of legal issues, for example; claims brought against the trust, coroner’s inquests and reviewing contractual and other legal documents currently regarding the transfer of community services. 

When not working, time is still spent doing a small amount of running and a lot of time persuading my two teenagers to turn off their Xbox, stop watching YouTube and do homework, all with varying degrees of success.

My experience as a governor and solicitor helps me identify important issues quickly and to speak confidently, to ensure decisions are made having considered the impact on you. 

This is important because my role as a governor is as your representative, speaking out for you, being your voice. 

Meeting and supporting colleagues in my role as solicitor helps me understand what really matters to you. As your governor I then focus on important issues and get our message across."