There are four governors from Tameside and Glossop representing you. You can find out more about them below or contact them by emailing

Joyce Howarth MBE

Joyce Howarth.JPG"I’m passionate about my community, enthusiastic, energetic, reliable and committed to working with others to improve services for present and future users and carers.

I’ve been a governor for three years and have developed a good understanding of challenges and financial restraints faced by Pennine Care and service users. I would like to continue working with other governors to improve engagement with members and supporting Pennine Care.

I have experience in instigating and maintaining constructive and supportive staff relationships and have the ability to understand complex issues.

I have 20 years’ experience as a lay conciliator, helping to resolve complaints for patients. I am an active listener and believe my negotiating skills and ability to communicate at all levels as well as being able to see the wider picture, will add to the overall skills of the existing governors.

My interests are in the community, representing and serving the needs of older, disadvantaged, ethnic and vulnerable people. Health and well-being and giving a voice to the community is my strong motivation.

I served as local magistrate for 31 years, and then I worked for Age Concern until my retirement when I took up a position as non-executive director with Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, serving as Chair of Patients and Public Participation Group.

I’m currently chair of Friends of Tameside Young Carers and Probin Mela Luncheon Club in Hyde, serving Bangladeshi people. I’m also a governor at Samuel Laycock Special Educational Needs School."

Jean Hurlston

Jean Hurlston.jpg"I’ve got experience and knowledge of the health and social care sector through 40 plus years employment and volunteering. I’ve got a track record of being active in the community.

I’ve been involved with Pennine Care for the past year in co-designing with local people a “Wellness of Spirit” course run at the Health and Wellbeing College in Ashton.

I was co-opted onto the Oldham local area constituency group, where I was able to develop links leading to a work stream supporting the mental wellbeing of homeless or rough sleepers.

I look to build on initiatives like these and find more opportunities to use my creativity, ability to “think outside the box” and natural desire to involve people with lived experience of conditions or circumstances to improve our health services.

My previous role as lay adviser for Tameside and Glossop CCG helped build my understanding of commissioning processes and board procedures.

I’m a wife, mother and grandma, working full time as a chaplain in various contexts: in Ashton Sixth Form College, Tameside Hospital and Manchester Airport.

I’m a teacher by profession and in 2007 was ordained as a Church of England priest. I currently serve on the committees of Faiths United Tameside, Tameside Hospital Patient Experience and User Group and Greater Manchester NHS Values Group.

You can follow what I’m up to on Twitter: @jeanhurls"

John Reddy

John Reddy.JPG

"As a carer / governor with a son who suffers from a mental health and autism diagnosis, I have both the energy and passion to understand the problems that like families face.

After finishing college I served nine years in the RAF, then worked as an aircraft design engineer in industry - and later a schools' mathematics teacher before retirement.

Earlier, family devastation of mental illness struck my son, with my wife becoming terminally ill. Giving me a mature knowledge of the support systems required for reasonable life quality.

A governor should have the empathy and passion, gained from personal experience for this role. Be knowledgeable about the structure and ethos of the Trust, being supportive when necessary but never hesitant to speak out when required. I will always represent your interests and be your representative not manager.

I have appreciation for NHS crisis care. Due to virus pandemic a new framework of mental health and social care must be developed in our community to meet this challenge. The psychological dimension will affect all.

As a governor involved in instituting an autism awareness programme for management I have assisted a major care home provider develop protocols for staff caring for residents with mental health and learning disabilities.

Whilst my son was treated 'out of area' in a Yorkshire general hospital, I advised on suitable routines for mental health / learning disabilities patients in surgical / medical wards.

I am a member of a military covenant helping veterans deal with mental health / social problems, also a member Tameside learning disabilities group. I attend governor / carer / user meetings and assist 'health and mind' schools drama group."

Wendy Hartley

Wendy Hartley.JPG"I‘ve lived in Tameside all my life. I’m passionate about health care and want our services in Tameside and Glossop to be the best that they can be.

I’ve been a public governor since July 2016 and have an excellent record of attendance at meetings and development sessions. I’ve also been involved in service visits, engagement activities and observing board meetings. I’ve learnt a lot during the last three years and want to carry on learning.

I seek the views of service users at every opportunity. I’m hard working, enthusiastic and a team player. I’m also very organised, well prepared for meetings and I meet deadlines. I’m not afraid to speak up; I have good communication skills and a sense of humour.

My career was in education and I have seen the impact that early intervention can have on young people’s mental health. I have leadership experience and understand the strategic nature of the governor role. I volunteer at Willow Wood Hospice and I’m involved with local charities.

I will work hard. I will listen to your views. I will be open and honest."