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I have worked in the fields of mental health, community development, racial equality and education. My main focus and enthusiasm in life is ensuring the progress of communities and individuals.

After completing my studies here in the UK, I worked in both statutory and voluntary organisations. I am familiar with the NHS and the health and social care and local council provision as well as organisations working with volunteers. I would say equality and integration have been at the heart of all the work I have carried out in my personal and professional life.

I was a governor at my childrens primary school, helping to fundraise. Having worked in mental health for over 10 years I feel we need to bring more awareness of mental health and providing various therapeutic interventions. As a development working with the elderly, my brief was to start luncheon clubs and day centres, which are useful meeting places for the elderly as they keep the elderly active mentally and physically.

I am a committee member of an organisation that works with children and parents from poorer backgrounds. I support a day centre for widows. However, my main focus is to help individuals who are house bound, to this I have an interest in ensuring that the elderly are taken care of in the community.

I have a wide interest in politics, green spaces for people to visit and keep well. I am also interested in physical wellness, and go for long walks, teach yoga and swim.

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As a carer / governor with a son who suffers from a mental health and autism diagnosis, I have both the energy and passion to understand the problems that like families face.

After finishing college I served nine years in the RAF, then worked as an aircraft design engineer in industry - and later a schools' mathematics teacher before retirement.

Earlier, family devastation of mental illness struck my son, with my wife becoming terminally ill. Giving me a mature knowledge of the support systems required for reasonable life quality.

A governor should have the empathy and passion, gained from personal experience for this role. Be knowledgeable about the structure and ethos of the Trust, being supportive when necessary but never hesitant to speak out when required. I will always represent your interests and be your representative not manager.

I have appreciation for NHS crisis care. Due to virus pandemic a new framework of mental health and social care must be developed in our community to meet this challenge. The psychological dimension will affect all.

As a governor involved in instituting an autism awareness programme for management I have assisted a major care home provider develop protocols for staff caring for residents with mental health and learning disabilities.

Whilst my son was treated 'out of area' in a Yorkshire general hospital, I advised on suitable routines for mental health / learning disabilities patients in surgical / medical wards.

I am a member of a military covenant helping veterans deal with mental health / social problems, also a member Tameside learning disabilities group. I attend governor / carer / user meetings and assist 'health and mind' schools drama group.

I have 60 years experience working in the NHS and I am still working as a nurse.

I was a volunteer vaccinator, and have held posts in the NHS from cadet to director of nursing. I have been on the Chair of Governors at Gorse Hall primary school for 43 years. Outside of work I enjoy playing golf. I have lived in Tameside for 53 years and I have a good regard for the area. I love it here. 

I would like to play a part in helping develop the local NHS to care for the local community, I'm used to meeting with committee members. I'm committed, reliable and very experienced.

I turn up and play my part in all I do.

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