Some of our staff have developed workbooks and packs, with strategies, techniques and ideas which can help you to manage your wellbeing.

We're also adding some documents and tips which can support creative or therapeutic activities further down this page.

Having a self-soothe box can help us to cope when we feel sad, angry, worried, or stressed.

You can make your own box, or support someone else to make one, using our self-soothe box guide.

Dr Rachel Chin, clinical psychologist has put together a pack with some strategies and techniques you can use to manage your wellbeing.

This includes:

  • Positive steps to wellbeing
  • A coping calendar
  • An activity planner
  • Positive affirmations
  • managing worry
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Compassion focused imagery
  • Self-soothing
  • Helpful apps
Download the wellbeing pack.

Julie Greenwood, children's bereavement counsellor with #Thrive, has created these grief cards to help parents or carers support grieving children. 

Download a pdf version of the grief cards.

Our Healthy Young Minds service has put together a helpful document about how you can help look after your children's wellbeing as they prepare to return to school. Download and print a copy.

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has also put together these back to school packs and videos. Click the links to see the advice for each age group:

Chantal Basson, consultant clinical psychologist with Healthy Young Minds, has put together some advice for students going back to university.

Laura Nicholas, from Tameside and Glossop adult learning disabilities team, has created an easy read guide with ideas on how to stay connected.

This guide is based on the importance of friendships during lockdown, which was the theme of Learning Disability Week 2020.

Colleagues from The University of Sheffield have created an activity book to help young people learn more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This is designed to be printed off, so you can work through it. You can download a copy the link below:

Download the ADHD hero activity book.

Being creative is good for your mental health and wellbeing.

Hospital Rooms have created a number of guides with some art activities you can try to unleash your creative side. These are also useful if you're looking to learn something new, or just for something to do.

Click on the links for more info: