These guides can help you to stay well. They are available in an easy read format.

You can print out some of the guides and work through them.

The guides were made by our learning disability care hub.

Any contact details on the guides may be different for you, depending where you live.

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These guides will teach you about anger and how to cope:

These guides will teach you about anxiety and how to cope:

This guide is about coping with death and losing someone special:


This guide is about sharing information with other people.

This guide is about constipation.

Constipation is when you have trouble pooing.

This guide is about an illness called dementia. Dementia affects the brain.

This guide is about having trouble with swallowing. This is called dysphagia.

This guide is about a health condition called diabetes:

This guide is about care at the end of your life:

This guide is about a brain condition called epilepsy:

This guide is about keeping safe:

This guide will teach you about low mood and how to cope:


This guide is about the menopause. This usually happens to women who are over 40 years old.


This guide is about looking after your mental health:

This guide is about healthy eating. It also talks about drinking enough water.


This course can help you learn some skills to cope with big feelings, like anxiety, sadness or anger.

It will last for 12 weeks.

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This is about looking after your body and keeping clean:

This guide is about relationships and sex:

This guide is about what to do when you want to hurt yourself:

This guide will help you to make a self-soothe box.

Having a self-soothe box can help when we feel sad, angry, worried, or stressed:

These guides are for people who have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep:

This guide is about annual health checks and visiting the doctor: