While NHS staff are used to looking after others, it's really important to take some time to look after your own health and wellbeing too.
This page has information about some free apps, programmes and helpful links to support our staff and other NHS colleagues:


Headspace is an app based on mindfulness and meditation, which can help to reduce stress, build resilience, and aid better sleep.

They are offering free access to all NHS staff with an NHS email address. Click here to get started.


Unmind is a mental health platform that helps you to proactively improve your mental wellbeing, using scientifically-backed assessments, tools and training.

This includes digital programmes designed to help with stress, sleep, coping, connection, fulfilment and nutrition.

Unmind is offering free access to NHS staff. Click here to get started - sign up with your NHS email and enter NHS as your organisation name.

Sleepio and Daylight (developed by Big Health)

Both of these are free for all NHS staff until 31 March 2021:

Sleepio is a sleep improvement programme which uses evidence-based cognitive behavioural techniques to help improve poor sleep.

Click here to visit the website (on a laptop or desktop PC).

Sign up with your name and NHS email, using redeem code NHS2020. You'll be asked to complete a sleep test then you can get started.


Daylight is a smartphone app that can help if you're experiencing symptoms of worry and anxiety, using evidence-based cognitive behavioural techniques, voice and animation.

Click here to sign up, using your name and NHS email adresss. You'll be asked a few short questions to tailor the programme to you.

You can download the app by searching 'Daylight - Worry Less' in your phone's app store.


If you work for the NHS (any band or role), you and your family members can access the SilverCloud for free.

SilverCloud is an online self-help programme which has modules to help with stress, sleep and resilience.

You can access them by clicking here and using the access code: NHS2020.



Liberate meditation

Liberate Meditation is providing free access to their meditation and mindfulness app for NHS staff.

The app offers culturally sensitive and diverse meditations, curated for the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community, by the BAME community. This aims to reduce anxiety, alleviate stress and promote rest.

Click here to get started.

Fitness and exercise videos


Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust have produced fitness content to help NHS staff stay healthy during COVID.

We've signed up for it, so you just need to register using your NHS email: Click here to get started.

NHS Fitness Studio

These videos have been created by fitness experts and cover aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, pilates and yoga. Click here to visit NHS Fitness Studio.