Staff governors

There are currently six staff governors to represent different staff groups, along with two vacancies. If you would like to get in touch with one of your governors, or if you have any queries, please contact 0161 716 3374/3960 or email


Julia Nicholson

Julia Nicholson (Corporate and Support) - "I recognise the invaluable support my colleagues provide to clinical services and will represent their ideas, views and concerns. I look forward to the opportunity to be involved in shaping future developments that may directly affect staff, service users and their carers."

Richard Cliff

Richard Cliff (Corporate and Support) - "My past experience as a governor has allowed me to build effective relationships with the other governors and the directors. My experience as a solicitor has given me an eye for detail and I am skilled in identifying the important issues and ensuring that staff are represented."

Richard Valle-Jones

Richard Valle-Jones (Medical and Dental) - "As a governor I will ensure that medical and dental colleagues are represented in the Trust, particularly around strategic direction. My experience as a dentist has provided me a wealth of practical and learned knowledge which would be ideal in helping me perform the role of governor effectively."


Sara Handley

Sara Handley (Nursing) - "In view of the current challenges, I have found safe solutions to enable high quality care to be delivered. I can share my experiences across the Trust and provide a vital link between the Board and staff."

Liz McCoy

Liz McCoy (Social Care) - "As manager of Pennine Care’s drug and alcohol services, I feel I can support the Trust to deliver against two priorities: delivery of high quality, accessible and effective care and the need to evolve and adapt."

Beth Kilmartin

Beth Kilmartin (Allied Health Professionals) -  "I am a thoughtful and professionally driven practitioner and I wish to gain a thorough understanding of the views of everyone with whom I work.  

"I think that Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) should play an integral role in shaping the future of Pennine Care and I am committed to communicating the views of AHPs and advocating on their behalf.

"Working in Oldham and Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale has given me the opportunity to see how services are delivered in each area and how teams work together to meet the priorities specific to each community."

Lisa Molden

Lisa Molden (Nursing) - "I hope to be a voice for the nursing community and engage with the stakeholders to ensure patient care is of the highest standard.

"I am passionate about patient care, and understand the consequences of unmotivated employees, which impacts heavily on service delivery. As such, my aim is to listen to the public and colleagues, and subsequently voice their concerns or ideas of how patient care could be improved.

"Likewise, I aim to facilitate staff members ideas and look at ways nurses can be best supported."

Goudon Mahamoud (Allied Health Professionals) - "I have a great interest in equality. My passion is to challenge stigma and oppression and be there for the people through their time of hardship. 

"We are at a time of transformation and change, in terms of the service development and care we are providing to the community. My greatest quality is speaking for the people - I promise that your voices will be heard." 


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