The nominations are in for our 2021 governor elections.

If you're a Pennine Care member, or if you work for us, you'll be sent an email on Tuesday 25 May with details of how to vote.

Please make sure you've registered your email before then (see below).

Nominated candidates

The governor candidates standing to represent your area are all listed below, along with any of their declared interests (political party membership, financial interests or other).

You can also download our statement of nominations.

Public constituencies


  • Peter James Corbally
  • Peter Dawson
  • Atta Hanfi - Labour Party
  • Kevin Peel - Labour Party
  • Ian Price
  • Derek Rowley
  • Robin Ward - SNP

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale

  • Kenneth Hall
  • Michael Mahoney
  • Jav Rehman


  • Norma Bewley
  • Mohammed Naveed
  • Joanne Salway - Labour Party
  • John Starkey - Member of Pennine Care service user and carer involvement forum, member of Pennine Care bank staff


  • Roderick “Paul” Crichton
  • Irene Harris
  • Joseph Robert Stokes

Tameside and Glossop

  • Pauline Flint
  • Mark Hindle - Conservative Party
  • Julie Hughes
  • Mohammed Karim - Labour Party
  • Damyanti Pate

Staff constituencies

Corporate and support

  • George Genesis
  • Julia Nicholson

Registered health and social care professionals

  • Mo Brown - Labour Party
  • Lynn Burton

Registered nurses

  • Gillian Fletcher
  • Yasmine Khaliq - Labour Party
  • Mike Lloyd
  • John Stanley
Register to vote

This year our elections will be entirely online, so we need your email address if you’d like to take part. This also helps us to stay in touch with you. 

Click here to register to vote. When prompted click the 'register my email address’ option and enter your details, including your membership reference (P followed by a number).

Key election dates

  • Notice of election - Tuesday 6 April 
  • Deadline for nominations - Monday 10 May
  • Statement of nominations - Tuesday 11 May
  • Deadline for candidate withdrawals - Thursday 13 May
  • Issue of ballot packs - Tuesday 25 May
  • Close of poll – 5pm, Thursday 24 June
  • Declaration of results - Friday, 25 June