Walkerwood unit - psychiatric intensive care unit (male)

Our state-of-the-art £5.2m psychiatric intensive unit opened on 19 October 2022. It's replaced our former Coben psychiatric intensive care unit in Stockport.

We provide support and therapy for men aged 18+ experiencing serious mental illnesses, such as psychosis and severe mood disorders.

We can support up to 10 patients at a time and our main role is to provide short-term, intensive assessment, treatment and therapy. Our unit includes a gym, therapy kitchen, garden, and lots of space for activities such as art and craft, tai chi, and sport. 

There’s also plenty of areas for you to relax, including individual ensuite bedrooms and a dedicated quiet room. 

We treat all of our patients with dignity and respect at all times and are committed to involving you, your family and/or carers 

We’re committed to working in a non-judgmental manner, with the upmost consideration given to your religious and cultural beliefs, gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation and/or disability.

You can be referred into our service in many different ways, including directly from the community, general psychiatric wards, 136 suites, police cells, courts and prisons.

Take a tour

We've created virtual tour of Walkerwood unit, using 360-degree photography. Take a look around the unit.