Tatton Unit

Tatton Unit opened in June 2013, and provides a long term low secure service (LTLSU) for male of adult age.

We identified people in medium secure services who require longer term care, or who cannot be discharged due to their risk profile, who could be cared for safely within a lesser secure environment.

The majority of people we support have spent years, sometimes decades, in secure services. They have not been able to leave secure services because their risks remain, usually as they have been unable to benefit from effective treatment programmes.

Nevertheless, we are still committed to the ideals of rehabilitation, which is about building on existing strengths, and developing skills and coping strategies to maximise each individual’s functioning and to minimise the disabling effects of their illness.

These individuals require a much slower pace of rehabilitation than is provided within mainstream low secure services, as not all service users will be able to engage in the 2 year pathway that is currently commissioned within mainstream LSU. Therefore, our ideal timescale for admission is 3 to 5 years.

Our aim is to work closely with service users and their families, whilst ensuring that we deliver a patient-centred model of rehabilitation, based on the stress-vulnerability model. A multi disciplinary team approach is adopted to the delivery of the rehabilitation and staff are pro-active in encouraging service users to reach their full potential, and optimum level of independence and to facilitate self-empowerment.

We recognise the difficulties that service users face because of stigmas and judgements associated with mental illness, and proactively support them with their reintegration into local communities. Therapeutic risk-taking is a core element of safely re-introducing people to the local community, with a goal of stepping them out of secure services.