Adult Learning Disability Clinical Psychology Service

We work with people aged 18 or over, who have a Tameside or Glossop GP, and have a global Learning Disability, and a Psychological need.

We take referrals from Service Users, their family and carers, GPs, and other Health and Social Care Professionals.

We offer a range of Specialist Psychological Assessments, direct and indirect specialist interventions, and offer advice to carers and other professionals around how they can better work with specific service users, as well as how they can adapt their services more generally to better meet the needs of people with Learning Disabilities.  We work in a person-centred way, aiming to improve or maintain the quality of life of people with Learning Disabilities.  This may be achieved by ensuring the person’s emotional and psychological needs are met.  

We regularly work in partnership with other professionals and agencies from Health, Social Care, and the 3rd sector, to ensure services are as seamless and holistic as possible.

We often need to screen referrals to our service to ensure that we are the correct service to meet the Service User’s needs.

We can be flexible when considering where we can offer appointments.