Stockport ASD - ADHD adult diagnostic service

We offer a diagnostic assessment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This is available if you're aged 16 years and above, and are registered with a Stockport GP. 

Our team is made up of consultant psychiatrists, registered mental health nurses and a speech and language therapist.

What happens if you're diagnosed?


If you receive a diagnosis of ADHD then we might offer medication. If you decide you want to start medication then you will see us until your treatment is stable.

Once your treatment is stable, you will be discharged back to your GP under a shared care agreement. You will continue to receive an annual review from us while on medication.


If you receive a diagnosis of ASD, we will provide a link to our post-diagnostic video. The video provides information about ASD and what this may mean for you.