Published on: 16th May 2022

We offer a free mental health self-help program called SilverCloud, where you can instantly access materials shown to have a positive impact on depression, anxiety and stress.

You can log into the program from any device as often as you want, and trained professionals from Healthy Minds will regularly support you as you work through.

All information entered is anonymous, confidential and secure. You can access your online account any time, from any device, for up to a year.

Click on the borough where your GP is based to make a referral to SilverCloud, or read on for more info:

In Rochdale, the talking therapies service is called Thinking Ahead. Visit the Thinking Ahead website for more details.


You will receive an email from SilverCloud asking you to complete a questionnaire and select a treatment programme to work through. Please keep an eye on your junk email box as often emails end up there. 

This information will be reviewed by us and then we'll contact you. This could be by phone, text or letter.

SilverCloud is an online cognitive behavioural therapy programme. It's flexible, effective, easy to use, and puts you in control of your own progress. You can work through at your own pace and complete the tasks at times to suit you. 

You will speak to a psychological wellbeing practitioner or other professional at the start of your treatment. You will also receive regular emails from them as they will review the progress you are making.

You will have access to the materials on SilverCloud for 12 months, and we would encourage you to continue to access the programme during this period to help you to continue to practice your new skills.

Once you are allocated to a therapist you will have regular reviews via email. If at any point, you have questions about the programme or you feel it isn’t right for you, please contact your local Healthy Minds to let us know. We will be happy to discuss alternative treatment options with you. 

If we notice that you don’t log on to your account for two weeks once treatment has started, and you haven’t left us any messages, at that point, we will assume you do not wish to continue with SilverCloud and will discharge you back to the care of your GP. 

Watch this SilverCloud video for more information, or contact your local Healthy Minds team: