NHS emotional wellbeing screening

We have been set up in response to the Manchester Arena attack.

We are inviting everyone who has been affected by the attack to take part in a wellbeing screening programme by completing an online questionnaire. This will help us to identify people who need further help and assist us with future planning.

To take part in the screening programme, please complete the questionnaire that is right for your age group:

Those with children under 8 years old who have been affected should call us for advice.

It takes an average of 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire but you may wish to allow yourself more time if you find it difficult to think about your emotions at the moment. You may want to allow 20 minutes if completing it with a child. If you’d like help to complete the questionnaire please get in touch via phone or email.

Even if you feel you are already getting the support you need, we hope you will complete the screening questionnaire. It is also open to any of your family members and supporters who may also have been affected. Please do share this information with them, as they may not be known to us at this time.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the hub via:

Opening times are:

Monday 9am to 5pm

Tuesday 9am to 5pm

Wednesday 9am to 7pm

Thursday 9am to 5pm

Friday 9am to 3pm