Stockport Secondary Care Psychological Therapies

We support psychological interventions in our secondary care mental health services i.e. community mental health teams.

Inpatient wards

On our inpatient wards, we work with you and our ward staff to build an understanding of the difficulties you’re facing, to help us find different ways to manage them. For some, this might include attending a brief group to build skills in managing difficult thoughts and feelings e.g. our inpatient Regulating Emotions through Acceptance and Change (IN-REACH) group.


In the community, we offer psychological assessment and therapy to patients. These sessions are mostly held at our base. We also offer neuropsychological assessment where there is a mixed picture of cognitive difficulties (e.g. memory, concentration) and mental health needs.

If you work in one of our community mental health teams, we can give you psychological support through consultation, training and supervision.

These are some of the individual therapies we offer:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy 
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive analytic therapy
  • Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Clinical psychology

We also offer group therapies. These include:

  • Everyday mindfulness 
  • Regulating emotions through acceptance and change (a dialectical behaviour therapy-informed skills group)
  • Psychotherapy Group

You can be referred to us by your care coordinator or consultant psychiatrists, if you meet the eligibility criteria for one of our secondary care mental health services.