Tameside Psychological Therapies Service for older people aims to relieve psychological distress and promote  psychological wellbeing and health.

What we can support with

We can support you with difficulties affecting many aspects of your lives, such as low mood, feeling anxious, memory problems or confusion, phobias or fears and coping with and adjusting to difficult life events. In addition, we also offer neuropsychological assessments, which can determine the nature and extent of any decline in cognitive functioning.

How we support you

We provide a range of evidence-based psychological services including detailed assessments, interventions and formulations.

A formulation is a joint effort between you and your psychologist to summarise your difficulties, to explain why they may be happening and to make sense of them. It also recognises your strengths and resources. This assists helps us to work out what needs to be done in order for you to start feeling better.

The types of intervention we offer will depend on your needs, but may include behavioural, cognitive behavioural, psychosocial, interpersonal, mindfulness based approaches, systemic approaches and compassion based approaches. These may be in a group or just with you.

Supporting colleagues

We can also provide psychological advice, liaison and support to colleagues in other teams; such as community mental health, home intervention, mental health liaison service and psychiatry.

Psychological advice and supervision, in the form of skills sharing groups and reflective practice sessions, is provided to staff who routinely use psychological skills and interventions as part of their work.