Bury Alcohol Mental Health Liaison Service

We provide support to people who frequently attend hospital with alcohol-related issues.

We offer professional assistance and liaison to our colleagues at the Northern Care Alliance for the following areas:

  • Medical treatment on medical wards
  • Advice and support on managing Wernickes Encephalopathy
  • Medically assisted withdrawal in collaboration
  • Training and education programmes

We provide assessment and advice to inpatients, and advice and support to relatives on alcohol related difficulties, medication management and withdrawal.

We also offer education on lifestyle and managing alcohol use, and support you to engage with community alcohol services following your discharge.

We work collaboratively with the community alcohol service to develop care plans and manage any withdrawal difficulties you might have, and we liaise with your GP following your discharge to advise on any ongoing treatment and support required.


If you would like to do a self-assessment on your alcohol intake, you can view the document here.

Following this, if you score between 8-12 and are wanting to self refer to community services:

Bury achieve - 0161 271 0020 

Rochdale and Oldham turning point - 0300 555 0234 

East Lancs - 01254 495 382