Saxon Suite (Tameside)

Saxon Suite is an acute mental health ward offering twenty three beds for working age adults both male and female.

Patients on the ward are here informally or detained under the Mental Health Act, often patients are unable to recognise that they are unwell during the first stages of a relapse in their mental state.

There are various ways in which a patient is admitted to the ward, we work closely with teams based   in the community as well A&E departments and emergency services.

Each of our bedrooms is en-suite offering a private toilet and shower area. We also have a laundry facility here on the ward for patients to be able to attend to their own laundry.

 As a team we strive to provide personalised high quality care, which focuses on individual strengths and promotes recovery. This can only be achieved by working collaboratively with patients, their families and carers. 

We have many different health care professionals on the ward including consultants, nursing staff, medical staff, and occupational therapists. We have a dietician and various other specialist services we can refer to if needed.

We offer many treatments and interventions including dispensing prescribed medications, offering time to speak 1-1 with staff and working together to achieve personalised care plans and work towards discharge planning.

Physical health monitoring is completed on admission and any concerns acted upon appropriately.

Our occupational therapy team offers assessments to identify how a patient’s mental or physical illness impacts on their ability to live and function in their everyday life. This can then highlight any areas where assistance maybe needed in order for the patients to maximise independence and safety in their daily life and occupation.

We have the support of other agencies on the ward.

A housing officer is available each Monday between 2pm – 4pm

Advocacy service is also available to support patient in many ways, and attend the ward regularly

We hold a community meeting each Tuesday morning on the ward and this is an opportunity for patients and staff to get together and discuss any relevant items.