Ramsbottom Ward

We are a 10-bed mixed-gender ward for older people. We provide assessments and treatment if you're experiencing mental health problems, such as dementia, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety.

You may be admitted to the ward voluntarily or detained under the Mental Health Act. This may come through consultant psychiatrists, the older people’s community mental health team, mental health liaison team or A&E.

We work to actively promote you independence, while undertaking a comprehensive assessment of your mental and physical health needs. 

Our team includes mental health nurses, doctors, healthcare support workers and pharmacists, as well as a psychologist and a physiotherapist.  We also work with other health professionals, such as speech and language therapists and dietitians.

During the admission, we work with you and your carers to develop a discharge plan, ensuring that appropriate services are in place upon discharge.  We develop this with community psychiatric nurses, social workers and other care providers.

We are based on the Fairfield General Hospital site.

To protect our patients and staff from covid, we are not able to have visitors on our ward at this time. However, we are making sure our patients have lots of contact with their loved ones by phone, or online.