Oldham psychological medicine in primary care service

We are an innovative team dedicated to supporting people with complex physical health problems.

If you have complex health needs or persistent physical symptoms, including chronic pain, tiredness or conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, you can have a range of problems which may be directly or indirectly caused by your physical health.

These may include low mood or problems with your day to day life. This can be especially difficult when no clear cause can be found for your physical symptoms.

Our team is made up of staff from a variety of backgrounds, including nursing, social work, clinical psychology, liaison psychiatry and administration. We also work to include other health care professionals in wellbeing planning.

We work in primary care at GP practices and focus on a whole person approach.

You would usually be referred to us if you're accessing healthcare on a regular basis, as a result of your on-going distressing physical experiences.

We work with you to identify and achieve your own goals, using a range of psychological interventions.

Our wellbeing plans are tailored to your situation and include regular appointments with liaison practitioners, medication reviews and psychological therapy - while working closely with your GP.

We can support you if you:

  • Are over the age of 16
  • Have declined or not benefitted from other services
  • Are not involved with a mental health service
  • Do not have an active psychosis
  • Have high utilisation of healthcare
  • Do not have to have a diagnosed mental health condition, as we recognise that people with complex physical health problems will often be experiencing poor mental health.

In order to maximise the amount of patient contact, joint appointments with your GP and our liaison psychiatrist will be available.

These appointments are intended to be ‘one off’ and will last for an hour. They allow an opportunity for specialist assessment and wellbeing planning with your GP, which can be maintained within the primary care practice.

These are usually if you have less complex needs, or for those who would otherwise decline psychological medicines in primary care intervention.


Training of primary care staff, mental health staff, clinical and non-clinical is a also vital part of our service, and we aim to be part of the wider educational offer co-ordinated at a borough level. This can be formal or informal, and we recognise supervision and signposting as educational opportunities. We will seek to provide tailored training to enable colleagues to better manage their patients.

We take referrals if you are a GP working with our practices in Oldham. This will be following a consultation with a person and the referral can then be made with their consent.

Referrals can be emailed to us on pcn-tr.psychmedinprimarycare@nhs.net.

For an initial discussion, please contact the practitioner who works in your practice or leave a message on 0161 716 2018. Our practitioners are currently covering two areas in Oldham: South and Central Oldham.

We do accept referrals from other professionals in Oldham, but you must have the agreement of the person's GP.