Prospect Place

We are a low-secure service with three individual units on site. Each unit has 15 beds available to men aged 18 – 65 years old.

We can support you if you have severe and enduring mental health needs and sometimes if you have additional needs, such as illicit substance and/or alcohol misuse.

We don't accept informal admissions - we support people who are detained under the Mental Health Act to receive care and treatment.

Our three units are known as engagement and assessment, recovery and intervention, and social inclusion.

Each unit is focused on recovery and you will be supported with a wide range of rehabilitation activities and therapy. Each unit aims to work with you to identify your strengths, needs and risks.

To support this, each unit has a multi-disciplinary team made up of different professionals. We will help you to develop strengths, skills, insight and positive coping skills, with a goal to step you down from secure services.

We recognise the importance of helping you back into society and your local community, and will work to do this safely.

The estimated length of your stay is two years, however, we recognise each recovery journey is unique and this may vary. With your consent, we will also work closely with your family. 

We're based on the Birch Hill Hospital site - click here for a site map.

Take a tour

We've created virtual tour of Prospect Place, using 360-degree photography. Take a look around the unit.