Prospect Place

We are a low secure service with three individual low secure units on site. Each unit has 15 beds available to men aged 18 – 65 years old.

We work with individuals with severe and enduring mental health needs; some individuals may also have additional needs such as illicit substance and/or alcohol misuse. We do not take informal admissions and all individuals admitted to Prospect Place will be detained under the Mental Health Act and receive care and treatment.

Each unit is underpinned by the recovery model and the structured pathway supports individuals to engage in a wide range of rehabilitation activities and therapy. Each unit aims to work with people collaboratively to identify their strengths, needs and risks and to work with in a holistic manner.

To support this each unit has a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) provision made up of different professionals. The MDT empowers and supports people to develop strengths, skills, insight and positive coping skills with a goal of stepping individuals down from secure services. We recognise the importance of social reintegration and use positive therapeutic risk taking to safely reintroduce people into the local community. 

Our estimated length of stay is two years, however we recognise that each individual’s recovery journey is unique and this may vary. With the individual's consent, we also work closely with family as well as. 

Since 2012, the unit has supported 96 per cent of service users to be discharged to lower secure services. Of these, 54 per cent achieved discharge prior to the end of their planned care pathway.

We're based on the Birch Hill Hospital site, click here for a site map.