The Mental Health Act 1983 allow us to appoint a sub-committee made up wholly or partly of non-executive directors, or who are not our directors, to exercise powers (under Section 23 of the act) to discharge a patient from detention.

We established a hospital managers' committee, which consists of non-executive directors and independent people, who are known as associate managers.

Among other duties, the hospital managers sit on panels to review the cases of patients detained under the Act.

Reviews are held following -

  • a request from a patient
  • the issuing of a certificate by the consultant barring the discharge of a detained patient by their nearest relative
  • the renewal of a patients detention under the Act by their consultant

Hospital managers can also hold a review at their discretion.

During these reviews, hospital managers are expected to look over information provided by clinicians, social workers, nurses, patients and their representatives in a fair and impartial manner.

All hearings are approached with empathy, but there is a requirement for the hospital managers to act objectively and without prejudice.

A detained patient may also ask to meet with the hospital managers in private, either in relation to a hearing or their stay in hospital.

We expect hospital managers to commit to an induction program at the start of their appointment and to attend a minimum of two committee meetings a year.

There will also need to be a willingness to attend continuing training programs to stay up to date with changes in the law.

These documents support the appointment and training programs for associate managers:

  • Handbook for hospital / associate managers
  • Focus on - hospital managers