We assess and diagnose people who are living with memory conditions.

If you are diagnosed with dementia or mild cognitive impairment, you will be offered support from other services such as the Alzheimer’s’ society dementia advisors, or you may be seen by our occupational therapist or psychologist for specific post diagnostic support interventions.

Referral to our service

You should speak to you GP if you have been worried about your memory, so they can assess for any physical or mental health conditions that may be affecting it. Your GP will need to carry out blood tests and a brief memory assessment in order to make a referral to our service.

All referrals are processed by our ‘single point of entry’ service to ensure all eligibility criteria are met.

When your referral has been accepted, we’ll refer you for a brain scan, and you will be contacted to attend the memory clinic, or be seen at home for an assessment. This assessment can last between one to two hours.

After the assessment, you will have an appointment with a consultant to discuss the results of the assessment and inform you of the diagnosis.

Support after a diagnosis of dementia

If you are diagnosed with dementia, we can offer post diagnostic support. This support includes group work and individual support from our occupational therapist, psychologist and support worker.

You will also be offered support from the Alzheimer’s society dementia advisors, who will provide information and advice to you and those who support you.