It was an incredible evening at our Pennine Care People Awards on Thursday 30 November 2023, which was generously covered by sponsors.

It was tough for our judges to choose from the outstanding list, but we're delighted to announce the winners and finalists (see below) for our 12 categories.

Many congratulations to everyone who was nominated, we’re so proud of you all.

Winner: Natalie Bentham, care co-ordinator, Rochdale community mental health team

Kristian Glenny, clinical psychologist, supporting "Our Place Rochdale's No Wrong Door"

Pennine Care TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) service

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Winner: Kyra-li Lowe, admin assistant, Rochdale borough child and adolescent mental service

Lisa Francis, support worker, Tameside west community mental health team

Dr Nilika Perera, consultant psychiatrist, Oldham home treatment team and deputy medical director 

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Winner: Radcliffe Place project team - learning disability care hub

Hannah Lucas, community learning disability nurse and Niamh Smyth, speech and language therapist - Rochdale borough community learning disability team 

Hayley McLellan, response hub and primary care network service manager, Rochdale borough

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Winner: Stephanie Morris, resuscitation and first aid training officer, patient safety and clinical effectiveness team

Carley Locke, domestic assistant and receptionist, Stansfield Place

Paul Ward, carer champion for the Stockport mental health liaison team 

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Winner: Dr Laxmiram Bethina, speciality doctor, learning disability care hub

Bethany Shaw, Cedars ward manager, Oldham

Kathy Hardman, mental health nurse, Military Veterans' Service

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Winner: Nicole Renshaw, nurse, Oldham child and adolescent mental health service

Adam Shirley, admin assistant for the Tameside community mental health team

Dr Ahad Aly, consultant psychiatrist, Rochdale borough child and adolescent mental health service 

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Winner: Saima Kauser, Rifat Naz and Suleman Qayyum - black and minority ethnic champions at NHS Tameside and Glossop talking therapies

Rossella Nicosia, team manager, NHS Bury talking therapies service

Rush Miah, head of business intelligence team

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Winner: Janaki Chodavarapu, physiotherapist, Stockport learning disability service

Alexander Lawrie, facilities manager - south division

Olivia Ferrara, community carer support worker, south Tameside community mental health team

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Winner: Dr Dipti Patil, consultant psychiatrist and clinical director for the learning disability care hub and interim network associate medical director - south

Kate Tasker, operational manager, Stockport mental health support team

Sara Panter, service manager at The Meadows, Stockport

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Winner: Greenspace project team (Bury early intervention team and Lancashire Wildlife Trust)

Greater Manchester resilience hub

Whittaker memory and day unit, Tameside and Glossop

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Winner: Sheenagh McManus, support worker, Stockport community mental health team

Denise Wild, receptionist and housekeeper at Trust HQ 

Michelle Casey, transformation delivery manager

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Winner: Oldham home treatment team

Digital service desk team

Oldham intensive home treatment service (older people)

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