Published on: 3rd March 2023

It's been a busy Eating Disorders Awareness Week (27 February - 3 March) for our community eating disorders services, sharing info and goodie bags with young people and families.

Ronni and Emma from our community disorders service.jpgRonni and Emma from the North team in Bury have been leading lots of the activities and collected some words of wisdom and advice from young people recently discharged:

"No food will ever harm you as much as being controlled by your eating disorder will.

“Seek help as soon as possible as you will get through the hard times ahead with the help of talking to someone.

“[Talking to someone] helped change distorted beliefs and thoughts that maintained restrictive eating.

"Always be there and listen, keep mealtimes as stress-free as possible, find safe ways to talk about [your eating disorder], be patient and supportive and be prepared for denial and resistance.”