Published on: 10th November 2023

We're making good progress with rolling out the safewards model across our inpatient services.

Four colleagues standing in front of a tree mural on Hope unit, holding a banner which says safewardsIt has been shown to reduce restrictive practice by encouraging better conflict resolution and positive relationships between patients and colleagues.

Hope and Horizon, our inpatient child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) in Bury, started using the safewards model this week.

Sharron, mental health practitioner and clinical project lead, has spent the last six months on Hope and Horizon training over 50 colleagues:

"We have amazing champions who are responsible for implementing the Safewards interventions.

"They've worked incredibly hard developing their own presentations and delivering to colleagues. The enthusiasm has been great and we are all excited to see the benefits over the coming months."