Published on: 23rd May 2019

A Facebook post by one of our respiratory specialists and nurse practitioners based in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale (HMR) has been seen by 1.9 million people.

Inez Ingham, who runs the page HMR Children’s Respiratory Specialists, shared a picture to show why people with asthma need to use their preventer inhaler.

Pictured is the alarming difference between the airways of someone who uses a preventer and someone who doesn’t. Here’s the post in full:

“Hello everyone,

I am in clinic today and I love to get my airways out. The look of horror on children’s and parents faces when I show them a visual image of asthma.
For all of you taking your preventer inhaler morning and night, your airways will resemble the clear airway on the left.

For all of you who don’t take your preventer regularly look at the right airway...... hopefully this will make you realise that you really need to use your preventer




The post was first shared back in 2018, but people have recently started sharing it again. It’s now reached 1.9 million people and received 77,972 engagements (reactions, comments, shares and clicks). And these numbers are rising fast!

Inez said:

“I’m over the moon with this post as my aim was to highlight the need for preventer inhalers to reduce hospital admissions caused by poorly controlled asthma.  

“The use of visual aids has been fantastic as people with asthma can actually see what happens within their own airways.

“I hope many of you have benefited from this, managing asthma is so important.”