Published on: 17th May 2019


In 2014, I got married and then gained 3 stones in weight over a 12 month period, meaning I wore size 20 clothes.

My mental health hit an all-time low and I isolated myself because I felt like a failure as a wife, mum & colleague.

Even though I could see the weight piling on I just couldn't get myself out the deep dark hole I was in. My mobility was poor to begin with as I have osteoarthritis in my back & knees. I had been a keen gym goer but due to the amount of weight I had gained I couldn't face going back to working out.

My colleagues at the then Rochdale drug team were brilliant with me getting files and lifting things because I was in too much pain to get them myself. The thought of going out socialising filled me with dread so my husband would go out socialising and I was left home alone getting bigger & bigger.

Crunch time came when I was taking a bath one evening and got "stuck" - I couldn't physically push my body weight out of the tub. After lots of screaming, shouting & banging on the floor, my husband came upstairs and helped me out of the bath.

This was when I found the courage to join a Slimming World group, within 11 months I had lost all the weight I had gained and my confidence returned. I went back to the gym and even got myself a personal trainer. I was back down to wearing size 14 clothes and I felt amazing.

I am now a Slimming World consultant and run two groups helping others lose weight & keep it off for good. My members meet every Sunday and go for a walk to help with their weight loss and mental health.