Published on: 17th May 2019


I struggled with low self-esteem and depression linked to my abilities and personality.

These were linked to a recent life changing event which had a significant impact on my home and work life. I suffered with anxiety and depression along with lack of confidence, poor self-esteem and a lack of worth.

To help me overcome these issues, I have regular counselling meetings where we chat about my general feelings and the main issues affecting my day to day life. I also have regular check-ups with my GP who prescribes me a low dosage of medication.

Support has been key to helping me. I’m really well supported by family and close friends and also national groups around the country. My work has helped me with a flexible working pattern and change in working hours and breaks allowing me to continue to work. This worked initially but as my home life and medical issues developed further, a break from work for a number of months helped. I’m now on a phased return which is helping me ease my way back into full time work.

I’m feeling considerably better. I’m still working through a few issues but I feel supported enough to return to work.

My advice is to seek out and accept help offered. There are numerous people and groups who can offer support as long as you ask. It is hard to admit you have mental health issues to a doctor but once you do you will find so much better.