Published on: 12th June 2020

Following a project across Greater Manchester, all of our mental health services are now able to access patient information in one place, using a new system called the GM Care Record.

The GM Care Record brings together patient information from all the local digital care records already live in each borough of Greater Manchester, to help health and social care workers understand your needs and make the best decisions for your care.

It shares important information about your health and care, including:

  • Any current health or care related issues
  • Your medications and treatments you may be receiving
  • Allergies, particularly to medication
  • Results of any recent tests or investigations that you may have had
  • Details on any plans created for your care or treatment
  • Information on any social care or carer support you may receive

The record includes patient information from GP, hospital, mental health and social care records. This means that if you start receiving care from any of our mental health services, our staff that provide your care will be able to see information about your medical history much quicker than before.

The creation of the GM Care Record follows all the latest rules and legislation, to ensure your data is protected and is only used for the purposed of your direct care.

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