Published on: 5th September 2022

Keenan Hall.jpg

A collaborative partnership between Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Pure Innovations and PossAbilities is giving people the foundations to rebuild their lives.

Patients from Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Tameside using Pennine Care’s mental health services are referred to Pure Innovations who, along with PossAbilities, work with the individual to develop their careers skills, guide them through the employment process and provide support once they have found a meaningful job that meets their ambitions.

Bringing employment specialists into a clinical setting means people receive the mental health support they need alongside career development, joining everybody up and offering improved patient outcomes. Relationships are built with suitable local employers to make sure the roles offered are relevant to the people they’re helping.

One of the most recent success stories is Keenan Hall, 21, from Stockport.

When Keenan first met with his employment officer, he lacked confidence and found communicating with others very difficult. The team worked with him to build his CV and employment skills before speaking with the manager of a roofing company to introduce themselves and what they do.

A trial day was arranged for Keenan and he hasn’t looked back since. He managed to secure himself full time employment with the company, who have been pleased to have him onboard, and he loves his new job:

“I still check in with my employment officer once a week as they continue to support me. They’ve helped sort out my universal credit, tax codes and that side of my job. All of their help has allowed me to become a lot more confident, independent and develop new skills.

“I’m a lot happier and I really enjoy my work, it’s definitely helped my
progress throughout my recovery along with support from Pennine Care. I feel like my life is transformed.”

Another success from Stockport is Jack Costagliola, 23, who started working in a restaurantJack Costagliola.jpg just a month after joining the programme.

“I got some really good help with my CV and the team were eager to help me get going as quickly as I wanted to.

“I started off with two shifts at the restaurant where I was supported by my employment officer, I’ve since been working independently and have really enjoyed it.

“My manager has been really supportive and we’re hoping to increase my hours soon. Being given this opportunity has given me much more independent and I feel like I’m making real progress."