Trafford Children’s Therapy Service

The children’s combined physiotherapy and occupational therapy team provides high quality holistic therapy assessments, treatments, advice and packages of care to babies, children and young people with disabilities, developmental and acquired movement and / or coordination problems. This team also provides assessment on behalf of social services for equipment and adaptations.

The service is delivered in the most appropriate community setting by skilled professional and non-professional therapy staff. They work closely with partner agencies to provide safe coordinated interventions with a child and family centered approach.  

Packages of care are designed according to assessed need, to improve function in daily activities and encouraging children and young people to achieve their maximum potential whilst maintaining health and wellbeing. The service was voted by colleagues as a winner of the 2015 Principles of Care Awards.

The service operates in a time limited intervention manner in order to provide an equitable service to all children and keep waiting times for assessment and treatment to a minimum.

For more information on our services and referral, please see the materials below:

Children’s Occupational Therapy Information

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Team provides therapy, advice, equipment and adaptations for children who have disabilities or difficulties with everyday tasks. The service is based at Sale Waterside and we also work in a variety of settings including schools, nurseries, clinics and the child’s home. 

Occupational therapists are specially trained to assess and provide advice and intervention for children with any disability and children who experience difficulties with everyday tasks at home, school and at play. 

Occupational therapists assist with:

  • specialist equipment
  • home adaptations
  • personal care skills
  • splinting for chronic conditions
  • coordination and fine motor skills development
  • School advice to accommodate the child’s needs.

If the referral meets our service criteria, the case is either placed on our waiting list or allocated to an Occupational Therapist depending on referral status, which is determined by level of risk. Following an assessment of the child’s needs, input is given in the form of programmes, therapy sessions, group sessions, equipment and adaptation provision, guidance to schools and working together with other relevant services to meet the child’s needs. 

Please see our referral criteria for full details.

Please note: as of April 1 2017 we are redesigning the way we accept occupational therapy referrals from Trafford schools and early years settings. You can find out more about these changes here.

General advice and activities

Please see our Early years, primary school and secondary school advice sheets which offer activity ideas and advice for schools/guardians/parents who are concerned about their child’s functional development. They are grouped in different stages for early years and school but individual ideas may be relevant to your child regardless of stage.

Before using the activity sheets please read the Introduction to advice sheets guide as this will explain the importance and recommended frequency of repetition of the activities.

Contact Information

First Floor Waterside House
Sale Waterside
M33 7ZF
0161 912 4495
No fax available
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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

Referral Methods

  • Social care professional (for occupational therapy only)