Democratic Therapeutic Community (DTC)

The Democratic Therapeutic Community (DTC) team provides a specialist service for individuals experiencing complex mental health problems, specifically those who often attract a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’. 

These may include difficulty with relationships, misuse of alcohol, drugs or prescribed/over-the-counter medication, other kinds of self-harm, under or over-eating or isolating yourself.

In particular, the service is aimed at service users who might be having difficulty accessing effective and relevant services.

Referrals are made by health and social care professionals only.

More about the DTC model

The DTC model is a form of group therapy which “emphasises the role of attachment”.

This aims to create a culture of enquiry, so that all behaviours, thoughts and emotions can be explored. This can be used to form relationships between all members of the DTC, empowering them everyone to take responsibility for themselves and each other. 

“This has been synthesised into a simple developmental model of emotional development, where the task of the therapeutic community is to recreate a network of close relationships much like a family, in which deeply ingrained behavioural patterns, negative cognitions and adverse emotions can be re-learned”.  (Association of Therapeutic Communities).  

The therapy comprises of an introduction group (6 sessions over 12 weeks) the main therapy group (one day per week for 12 months) and a voluntary peer support group for people when they leave therapy.

Contact Information

Tameside General Hospital
Fountain Street
0161 716 3276
0161 716 3275
Parking Available:

Opening Hours

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Referral Methods

  • Health professional
  • Social care professional