Orchard House Day Hospital

Orchard House Day Hospital is a rehabilitation service for people over 65 whose mental health problems are preventing them from being able to carry out their normal everyday activities and hobbies.

Orchard House is staffed by mental health nurses, occupational therapists, nursing assistants and technical instructors and also have a link worker to help people to link into activities which are going on in the community.

Consultant Psychiatrists and Psychologists visit on a regular basis.

We provide a range of therapeutic groups and activities which help people to regain their confidence and manage their symptoms.

The aim of our service is for every person that comes to work towards regaining their skills and confidence in activities of every day life – shopping, cooking, socialising and playing an active role both in their family and their community.

Contact Information

Orchard House Day Hospital, Milton St
0161 716 3610 / 0161 716 3611
0161 716 2798
Parking Available:

Opening Hours

8.15 a.m. til 4.15 p.m.

Referral Methods

  • 1. Referrals accepted from health and social care staff working within mental health services.